Debt Recovery Procedures

Grant & Wilson aims to minimise the level of Owners debt in an effective manner, as per Section 4 of our Terms of Service & Delivery Standards, which clearly details our procedures in terms of prevention of arrears, recovery and prior to taking legal action.

Our aim is to:

  • To identify and monitor Owners who are in arrears so that early intervention action can be taken.
  • Engage with Owners and arrange options for managing their account and implement preventative measures in regards to their arrears.
  • We will encourage spreading the costs over the year by monthly direct debits.
  • Minimise and recover Owners arrears efficiently
  • Adopt a sensitive and reasonable approach to owner’s individual circumstances and treat owners fairly at all times.
  • Owners encountering difficulty with meeting payments will be advised of sources of financial payment plans.

It is the responsibility of every Owner to meet their share of costs as advised in the Deed of Condition as failure to meet your common charge accounts can and will have an impact on the property maintenance, repair and servicing of the property and potentially put buildings insurance, if involved, at risk.

Grant & Wilson Property Management’s main aim is to minimise the level of debt owed to us as to maximise the benefit of service we supply to Owners. We recognise that Owners sometimes have difficulty paying their accounts. However, payment arrangements can be made by contacting our Debt Recovery department on:

Direct Line: 0141 548 1861 or 0141 548 1874 or Email:

For further information on our Debt recovery procedures please refer to our Terms of Service and Delivery of Standards or download the attachment on this page.

Your property and your credit rating may be at risk if you do not make payment to your account. Failure to comply to our terms of payment may result in either a notice of potential liability or court action being raised. Grant & Wilson will take all appropriate and necessary actions to secure and gather debts. We will at all times treat owners fairly.