Emergency Contacts

The following contractors can be contacted out of hours to deal with emergencies such as flooding, fire, storm damage, theft / vandalism, break-ins and broken windows. When telephoning, please give the full property address and say that it is managed by Grant & Wilson Property Management Ltd. You may be asked for a copy account as proof of the property being factored by us.

Note that Emergency Cover does not include the loss of keys or the replacement of locks. If the property is tenanted, it does not include the loss of keys or being locked out of the property. If the property is tenanted and the repair is not found to be an emergency, the tenant will be liable for the full cost of any repairs.


Important Notes


An EMERGENCY is something that cannot wait until our offices are open. Please be advised, that if you call out our Emergency Contractors unnecessarily or if it is a private repair, you will be held liable for the charges incurred.

You may only use this Emergency service if your Property is managed by Grant & Wilson Property Management Limited and are entitled to FULL MANAGEMENT SERVICES.
Some Contractors listed have answer machine services – please leave the following:
  • Advise it is an Emergency call out and give a brief description
  • Your name
  • Contact numbers – (Home and Mobile)
  • Your full address and Postal Code

You may be requested by the Contractor to produce a copy of your last account or proof, that your property is managed by Grant & Wilson Property Management Limited.
  • The Contractor will only make secure or make safe the repair at the time of the callout. If further repairs are required these will be reported to your Property Manager the next day/within working hours. Your Property Manager will then implement the appropriate actions.


In case of emergency repairs, which occur out of office hours, you must contact one of the tradesmen detailed below. We hereby advise that should you request another tradesman to attend the charges levied will be due by you. In addition should you request a tradesman to attend, for any reason other than an emergency which has occurred out of office hours without prior notice to our office the resulting charges levied will be due by you.

Typical emergency repairs are as follows:

  • Major leak of water where the turning off of supply does not stop the water flow.
  • Sparks or smoke emitting from an electrical socket or fuse box.
  • A break in at the property by unknown third parties.

Water Damage

Major damage can often be avoided by taking basic precautions.
  • Please make sure you know where your stopcock is and how to operate it. If you suspect a bust pipe then isolate the water from the stopcock. Close the stopcock fully and open the taps in the home to remove the water from the system.
  • DO NOT USE electrical devises if water is leaking directly on to appliances or light switches and electrical sockets.
  • Clean the excess water away as soon as possible the quicker the water is cleaned away less damage will be caused.
  • Remove any personal belongings or furniture away from the effected area, as your insurance may not cover everything.
  • If the burst pipe is in the street please call Scottish Water immediately - 0845 601 8855
If calling a Contractor out of business hours, please ensure that your call is an EMERGENCY!

GLASGOW 0141 552 2230
EDINBURGH 0131 555 3100
The numbers listed are correct as supplied by the Contractor at the time of listing on Grant & Wilson web site. They are subject to change out with our control. If you experience any problems please notify us.