Residential Property Management

At Grant & Wilson our property team offer a comprehensive range of management services to cover all types and sizes of property. We are committed to providing a high quality and efficient service to our clients, by working in partnership to secure a relationship built on trust.

You can depend on Grant & Wilson to treat your property as if it were our own.

Appointing a Property Management Company

When it comes to selecting a Property Management company, Grant and Wilson can help you make the right decision.

  • We are happy to give you full details of our property Management service.
  • A representative of the company can arrange a meeting with Owners at a mutually convenient time to answer questions and discuss procedures for putting a Property Manager in place.
  • We send all new Owners an “Owners Information Pack” detailing our duties and responsibilities and Terms of Service & Delivery of Standards as well as the building insurance policy. (if applicable)
  • We are members of the Property Managers Association (Scotland) Limited, the governing body for Factors.
  • References of our services can be obtained on request from existing Owners.
  • We provide purchasers with an introductory sheet explaining clearly estimated factor costs and invite prospective purchasers to call us to help in the sale process.
Managing your property – our role and responsibilities

As Property Manager/Factor, Grant & Wilson is responsible for good general Management and Administration of the property or development as defined in the Deed of Conditions. We visit properties and carry out inspections on a regular basis.

Our service includes:
  • Instructing any common repairs up to £350.00 or an agreed sum given by Owners.
  • Obtaining estimates for larger repairs / improvements for consideration by owners.
  • Co-ordinating various trades involved in all repairs.
  • Liaising with other Property Managers / Owners of adjoining properties in mutual Repairs.
  • Co-ordinating insurance claims.
  • Organising all common maintenance contracts, such as cleaning and gardening.
  • Settling accounts for Tradesmen and Insurances.
  • Calculating share due from each owner to be shown in quarterly accounts and send account to each Owner.
  • Accurate and easily understood common charge invoices and easy payment facilities by credit/debit card and direct debit.
  • Ensuring that all charges are collected through our debt recovery service.
  • A dedicated Property Manager is allocated to your development who will manage your building, carry out site Visits and instigate and manage Insurance claims. This ensures continuity for clients and importantly accountability. All our Property Managers have direct dial numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Organising and attending AGM or EGM meetings together with specific meetings to discuss special repairs.
  • Coordinate and organise application for grant funding (where appropriate).

If you are considering appointing a Property Manager/Factor then we would be delighted to discuss your requirements or attend a meeting. Contact Debbie Rummens for further information.

Direct Line Number: 0141 552 2230 e-mail:
Factoring – your questions answered
  • +What does a Factor do?
    A factor is a professional Property Manager who works for you and the other Owners in your property. When asked, they organise Tradesperson’s for common repairs and maintenance. They look after the common grounds, stairwells and maintenance and any similar matters for you and your neighbours. We act in accordance with the deed of conditions.
  • +How is the Factor paid?
    The Factor is paid four times a year, in February, May, August and November. You are sent an invoice by email or post for your share of any common repairs, insurance and other charges, including a Management fee. You reimburse the Factor in arrears for Tradesperson’s accounts and other expenses run up on your behalf.
  • +What is a Common Buildings Insurance Policy and why is one needed?
    A Common Buildings Policy is normally a standard requirement in Deeds of Conditions. The policy ensures that multi-owned property is adequately covered for full reinstatement.
Grant and Wilson engage the services of Insurance Brokers who in return source competitive quotes. Policies are fully comprehensive and are index-linked. They cover the main fabric of the building, internal fixtures and fittings and include property Owners’ third party liability insurance. It does not cover contents belonging to Owners.
Should the need arise for an insurance claim to be submitted on your behalf, you simply contact Grant and Wilson with the relevant details. If the claim relates to theft, malicious damage, vandalism or fire, you will need the relevant Crime Reference Number before the insurers will accept the claim form. Once estimates (if applicable) have been received, they are approved by the insurance company and the contractors will then make direct contact with the owner to repair the damage. Insurance premiums are collected over four quarters which eases your cash flow. Owners are responsible for ensuring the sum insured (reinstatement amount) is adequate at all times.
  • +What is a management float?
    The common pool or float is a one-time deposit of an agreed sum to ease cash-flow problems between the time the Factor pays your day-to-day bills and recoups money from you. Repairs can -and do- happen at any time. The float lets the Factor organise repairs and pay Tradesperson’s without delay. The Float or common pool will be refunded to you when you sell your property. No interest is payable on floats held.
  • +How does the Factor deal with common repairs?
    There are procedures for reporting common repairs. Grant and Wilson does carry out regular inspections of property, but if, in between these inspections, you suspect that a repair is required, you simply need to telephone the Maintenance Department. If the responsibility for the repair is common (rather than private), we will co-ordinate the necessary trades on your behalf and charge costs to each Owner according to their appropriate share. If the repair is extensive, we will request competitive estimates and seek Owners’ further instructions by way of a mandate. If a mandate is required then, dependent on the repair, we may be able to instruct this by a majority decision.
  • +Terms of Service and Delivery of Standards