The Grant and Wilson property team offer a comprehensive range of management services to cover all types and sizes of property. We go out of our way to provide our clients with a genuinely personal and efficient service, working in partnership to build a relationship built on trust. You can depend on us to treat your property as if it were our own.

For new developments:

  • We arrange meetings with developers to agree on the type of management service required;
  • We arrange for introductory packs to be sent to the site office and made available to potential buyers;
  • On completion, we visit the site and make ourselves available to answer new owners’ questions.

For existing sites:

  • We arrange to meet as many owners as possible and outline the scope of our services;
  • We issue Welcome Packs that contain detailed information on our firm and on factoring in general.
  • On completion, we visit the site and make ourselves available to answer new owners’ questions.

Managing your property – our role and responsibilities
As property manager or factor, Grant & Wilson is responsible for good general management and administration of the property or development as defined in the Deed of Conditions. We visit properties and carry out inspections on a regular basis.

Our service includes:

  • Instructing any common repairs up to an agreed sum by owners;
  • Obtaining estimates for larger repairs / improvements for consideration by owners;
  • Co-ordinating various trades involved in all repairs;
  • Liaising with other property managers / owners of adjoining properties in mutual repairs;
  • Co-ordinating insurance claims;
  • Organising all common maintenance contracts, such as cleaning and gardening;
  • Settling accounts for tradesmen, insurances and ground burdens when due;
  • Calculating share due from each owner to be shown in quarterly accounts and send account to each owner;
  • Ensuring that all charges are collected through our debt recovery service.

Appointing a Property Manager
When it comes to selecting a property manager, Grant and Wilson can help you make the right decision. We are happy to give you full details of our property management service. A representative can arrange a meeting with owners at a mutually convenient time to answer questions and discuss procedures for putting a property manager in place.